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Sushi Private Cater is a catering service for events and private parties in Southern California. We cater anywhere in this area and will take care of all your needs from planning, pricing suppliers and sales, front house, health and hygiene including storage of food. You can truly have a hassle free party or event when you hire Sushi Private Cater. Leave the details to them and enjoy looking after your guests.

Private Events

Jackson Mou will bring to your party or event a unique eating experience. He and his team will surprise your guests with all types of sushi dishes. The fish is caught fresh and prepared the same day so that it remains at peak flavor. Special accessories like yuzu and organic lite soy sauce are imported from Japan so that your guests will enjoy the best quality and most authentic Japanese taste. Sushi Private Cater is experienced in other ethnic styles like Spanish, Italian and French cuisine. This blend of expertise allows Jackson and his team to cater a Japanese fusion experience like no other.

Naked Art

Choose from a wide variety of menus what style is suitable for your event. You can hire a personal chef like Jackson Mou to take care of your party needs or if you are on a budget, you can also choose from our tempting selection of pre-designed platters. You also have the option of selecting from our individual dishes to create a new and unique menu. Sushi Private Cater is a professional catering business with a team of dedicated chefs and helpers who will give your guests a memorable meal. It is always high quality food at a price that can fit any budget.


Sushi Private Cater provides catering services to all types of events but especially to corporate, private and naked sushi art events. The latter event has become a controversial art form but is much sought after by celebrity sushi connoisseurs. It is all part of the unique catering service provided by Sushi Private Cater. Corporate events are often hard to arrange but this catering business will simplify things for you.

*Live Sushi Event requires a $400 set-up fee under 35 guests for travel, chefs and utensils. Above 35 require travel and services fee. Starting prices on sushi packages can be found on the “Menu“ Sushi packages are an additional per-guest charge. All Rentals are additional.