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The Start #1

This option is perfect for weddings as appetizers and luncheons with  one of our signature appetizers and couple varieties of fish you get unlimited sushi and maki. begins at $25 depends on your preferences of fish.

Extraordinary #2

This is the most popular package, you get at least 4 varieties of fish plus unlimited sushi and couple variety of our signature special rolls plus one of our signature sashimi that you won’t taste anywhere else . Begins at $45  price will adjust according fish market price.

Omakase #3

This is a 8-10 courses Chefs choices meal (OMAKASE) . Our master sushi chef will create his own unique culinary flavors, putting into action, also come with a exclusive premium sake. Begins at $100

Chef Jackson will be happy to customize a menu suitable for your own individual tastes and with in your budget. Just give us a call to arrange a consultation and price quote. We will help you to get your party started 310-776-5995