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Introducing Sushi Private Cater – Custom made sushi at its finest. We are your personal sushi company. Sushi Private Cater take pride in our ability to customize sushi with unique flavor, and we dedicated to showing your guests what great sushi and exemplary service are all about.Take comfort in knowing that your guests will have an unforgettable sushi experience. Executive chef Jackson Mou’s philosophy & creative style revolves around taking traditional sushi and fusing in modern day culinary techniques to create a truly palatable and artistic sushi experience.

Sushi Private Cater start by using only the absolute best grade and Pollution-free fish for sushi and sashimi.Our Executive chef Jackson Mou is well versed on Western and Asian cuisine,which affords him a unique ability to creatively fuse this expertise into traditional Japanese Kaiseki. You will not see or taste any of our signature dishes anywhere else. Jackson Mou has a proud moment of working with IRON CHEF Morimoto at Nobu of New York and served well known celebrities and Japanese actors when he worked in top 3 New York sushi places for several decades from the 90’s into the new millennium.

The wasabi or our sauces ingredients are specially order from Japan. Jackson Mou acquire our fresh fish and meats early in the morning of the day of each event based on custom menu packages ordered by each individual customer. There fore, you are guaranteed highest quality and absolute freshness in every savory bite. When you are planning your next dinner party or corporate event, there is no need for undue stress or hassle. Call us at 310-776-5995 and set up your party with our experienced caterers. Tasty unique appetizers will tickle your guests’ palates and draw them into the main course of culinary delights. Your party will be the most talked about event for a long time.

“A good sushi should able to melt in your mouth “ Chef Jackson said . In conclusion, when it comes to sushi, we have been there, and we are not shy to show you what sushi excellence is all about. if you are throwing a sushi party give us a call. Our innovative team will bring “WOW” factor to your sushi party. We look forward to bringing you the most unique sushi and sashimi dinning experience. Bite after bite, you will savor our delicacies, and crave them until our next gathering. We GUARANTEE it!

If you are working with a budget and do not require live sushi chefs at your party, we do offer custom- tailored sushi and sashimi platters to meet your needs. Enjoy the same delicious sushi dishes without sacrificing any of the quality. We are located in California but we can cater to your needs at any location. Surprise your friends today with the finest authentic gourmet food and make your event a special one. Call now 310-776-5995.

We believe in giving back to our community so 10% of every order will go to charity. You can rest assured that your money will be well spent helping others who are not so fortunate.